Flakes, pellets, frozen, gels, liquid and live foods for freshwater fish, pond fish, saltwater fish and corals.

Brands include ZooMed, Tetra, Aqueon, HBH, H2O, Hikari, Repashy and New Life Spectrum Crickets, worms, and dry formulas for reptiles, amphibians, arachnids, and snakes. Brands include ZooMed, Zilla, Flukers, Nature Zone and Repashy.

Bird seed and pellets, also available in bulk sizes. Brands include Sunseed, Pretty Bird, Orlux and Kaytee. And always plenty of fun and nutritious treats and millet.

Small animal seed and pellet diets, also available in bulk sizes. Brands include Supreme, Sunseed, Martin, and Pretty Pets. We carry the sometimes hard-to-find exotic diets as well, for ferrets, chinchillas, hedgehogs and sugar gliders.

Plus a variety of hays and treats for all types of small animals.

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