Finaddicts: Your Pet Store for Fish, Reptiles, and Birds

As one of the larger pet store, Finaddicts has over 4000 sq. ft. of retail space featuring a massive assortment of fresh water, marine and brackish fish, reptiles, tropical plants, birds, and much more. We are also known for our large selection of small animals such as hamsters, mice, rats (regular, fancy, and hairless), guinea pigs, skinny pigs, chinchillas, hedgehogs, gerbils, degus, and ferrets. Finaddicts has been in business as a pet store in Kingston since 2002, and our friendly staff has close to 50 years of combined experience.

We Ethically Source Fish of All Sizes and Strive to Keep Them Healthy

It should probably come as no surprise that a pet store in Kinston called Finaddicts has an enormous selection of fish. It is not quite on par with Lake Ontario or the Atlantic Ocean but give us time. So, while it is true that we have a massive collection of marine, fresh water, and brackish fish, we also take great care in providing the best living conditions possible for our fish.

Our aquariums are all individually filtered, which means that should a situation arise, we can quickly and effectively contain it. Think of it as social distancing and isolating for our finned friends. We also source our fish from local breeders, which eliminates shipping stress. You also won’t find “painted” or “tattooed” fish at our pet store because aquatic lives matter.


Bubble Eye Gold Fish
Pair of Green Cheecked Conure in Finaddicts Pet Store Kingston

Finaddicts Has the Largest Variety of Birds in Kingston!

Are you ready to add a feathered friend to your family? Need food or accessories for your bird? Finaddicts have everything you and your bird need, and just like fish, we go to great ends to offer the best care for our birds. Many of the birds available at Finaddicts were hand-raised in-store, a great way to see and experience your new friend grow and develop for yourself. We have the biggest variety of birds of any pet store, and when you visit Finaddicts, you can typically see and meet:

  • Finches (many fancy varieties)
  • Canaries (regular and fancy)
  • Budgies
  • Lovebirds
  • Cockatiels
  • Red Rumps
  • Turquoisines
  • Rosy Bourkes
  • Barrabands
  • Senegals
  • Quakers
  • African Greys
  • Parrotlets
  • Kakarikis

Fish Love Ponds, and We Have What You Need to Build or Maintain Yours

Ponds can add beauty, tranquility, and calmness to your backyard or public space, and Finaddicts have everything you need to build and maintain an eye-catching pond. From rolled liners ranging from 10’ to 25’, to ultraviolet sterilizers, lighting, plants, and repair kits, we have a huge inventory of pond equipment of any pet store. And not only do we have nets and pond covers to protect your fish, but we also have the fish you need to stock your pond. Visit Finaddicts for pond fish such as:
• Koi from 3” to 10”
• Butterfly koi from 2” to 6”
• Comets from 1” to 8”
• Sarasa comets from 3” to 6”
• Shubunkins from 3” to 6”

You may also check this link to learn more about responsible pet ownership.

Visit Finaddicts for Birds, Fish, Reptiles, and Feeders

As a pet store, Finaddicts is known for our tropical fish, marine fish, reptiles, birds, small animals, and pond equipment. Your reptiles will love our feeders, and we have tropical plants that can liven up any aquarium. We’re located on Gardiner just south of Princess and the Cataraqui Centre.
We look forward to seeing you soon, and so do our finned and feathered friends!